Treatment Philosophy

Carol Merle-Fishman, M.A., FAMI, LCAT, LMHC
       Counseling and Psychotherapy
My treatment philosophy has been formulated from over 35 years of work and training in Integrative Psychotherapy, 
Transactional Analysis, Creative Arts Therapy and relational models of counseling and therapy.  I also bring to my philosophy my many years of experience as an educator, supervisor, parent and musician.  

As a Certified Integrative Psychotherapist I offer a comprehensive approach to psychotherapy which takes into consideration the many ways people grow, develop and function throughout their lives.  Since each person is unique in their approach to health, success, disappointment, change, and the challenges of daily living, it is essential that I understand and respect your unique approach to life in order for our work to be successful.   I want to know how
you experience yourself, your relationships, and your world, in order to be effective with you.  

Integrative Psychotherapy works with the whole person;  our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and physiology.  It is essential for there to be a healthy flow and integration between all these parts of the self, in order to function fully and successfully in relationships, work, physical health and overall enjoyment of life.  An integrated approach draws on a large range of therapeutic approaches in order to help remove blocks and resolve conflicts which interfere with 
full and healthy living.   Since no one type of psychotherapy has been proven best for everyone or the many kinds of difficulties people encounter, my training in Integrative Psychotherapy allows me to offer a combination of psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and mind-body approaches, in order to address your individual needs.

Relationships lie at the core of our lives and our health.  The quality of our relationship with ourselves, others and the world around us, continually impacts our physical, emotional and psychological health.  My approach to counseling and psychotherapy offers the opportunity to explore all these relationships in order to promote successful and healthy living.

My specialty in postpartum adjustment addresses the centrality of relationships for health and wellness.  Working with new mothers and their partners during the earliest weeks and months of parenting, the time when the earliest relationship and bond is being formed, and the time when many relational challenges can arise, is a gratifying and rewarding part of my work.   My experience as both a therapist and a parent come together in a synergistic and exciting way, allowing me to support and understand new parents and young families as they raise children, balance home and career, and address life cycle events.  In addition, I have worked clinically with special needs children, as well as parents of special needs children, and understand the unique challenges special needs brings to parenting and relationships.

Creativity is an essential component of health and healing.  We need to access the creative potential that lives in each of us in order to solve problems, change, find meaning in everyday activities, and enrich our lives.  As a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and trained musician, I bring a unique understanding of the creative process to my work. Not all issues can be resolved with words, and not all issues can be resolved without words.  Clients in my practice have the opportunity to choose from traditional verbal psychotherapy, Creative Arts Therapy, Music Therapy, or a combination of each.

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