Postpartum Support
Carol Merle-Fishman, M.A., FAMI, LCAT, LMHC
       Counseling and Psychotherapy
Becoming a mother is a unique time of change and transformation in a woman's life.  Prior to childbirth, many women are unaware and unprepared for the deep impact motherhood will have on their lives and relationships with others.  Even though opportunities for childbirth preparation can easily be found, there is generally a lack of information to prepare for parenthood.  As a result, many women are often surprised and confused by their thoughts and feelings, and the life changes that occur with the birth of their baby.  Comments like "this is not what I expected,"  "it wasn't supposed to be like this," or "why didn't anyone tell me it would be this way?"  are common from postpartum women and their partners.


All women and their partners experience postpartum adjustment, whether this is their first baby or fifth baby.  In my work, I help women to manage this period of adjustment, and understand their own unique needs and approach to parenting.  Every mother is different, every baby is different, every family is different, and every circumstance is different.  I help women and their partners understand their unique circumstances and parenting style, in order to create a healthy and happy family.  

I meet with postpartum women as soon after childbirth as possible, either individually, with their partner, and/or in my postpartum support group Mothers Talking.  If there are particular concerns, or a woman has had a previous postpartum depression, miscarriage, infertility issue or other important life circumstance which can affect childbirth and/or parenting, our work can begin during pregnancy in order to adequately prepare and establish supports before baby arrives.  

I am an active member of the Hudson Valley Birth Network (, a network of healthcare professionals devoted to the childbearing years which includes labor and postpartum doulas, midwives, physical therapists, psychotherapists, yoga instructors, lactation counselors and many more.  I am able to easily make referrals to other prenatal and postpartum professionals as needed and offer my clients a strong professional support network.

Mothers Talking:
A support group for new and not-so-new mothers

         Motherhood is a journey filled with joy, challenge, and most of all, change.  A journey that brings many new feelings ranging from exhilaration and love, to exhaustion and isolation.  During this time, women long to talk with other women about the joys and challenges of parenting infants and young children.  Mothers Talking provides a supportive, caring place to talk, laugh, problem solve, create support and connect with others on the journey of motherhood.  

When: Thursdays
11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Where:  Cedarbrook House
Cost:  $250.00 for 10 week session
Please contact Carol for registration information
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