Psychotherapy and Counseling Philosophy

Rooted in a developmentally based and relationally focused approach, my treatment philosophy is complemented by extensive experience as an educator, supervisor, musician, and, importantly, as both a parent and grandparent.

My services draw from over 40 years of experience and training in Developmentally-based, Relationally-focused Integrative Psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, Creative Arts Therapy, Music Therapy, Guided Imagery in Music, Resource Oriented Music and Imagery, and the Continuum Model of Music and Imagery.

Comprehensive Therapeutic Support:

Nurturing growth, creativity, and family well-being through an integrative and individualized approach to the whole person. 

Relational Integrative Psychotherapy

Designed to consider each individual’s unique history, growth, and perspectives on health, success, and challenges. This approach considers the whole person—thoughts, feelings, behavior, and physiology and strives to promote integration in all areas of a person’s life and being.  Life challenges and relational difficulties are addressed through psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and mind-body approaches.

Relationship-Centric Approach: Integrative Psychotherapy recognizes the pivotal role of relationships in our lives, and acknowledges that challenges in personal or professional connections are common reasons for seeking therapy.

Creative Arts Therapy (music)

Creative Arts Therapy taps into our inherent creative potential. Creativity facilitates healing, sustains psychological and physical health, and supports an integrative and full approach to life. While co-constructing an individualized psychotherapy plan based on individual needs and goals, clients have the opportunity to explore a number of creative options – alone or in combination with traditional verbal psychotherapy – such as music therapy, Guided Imagery in Music, Resource Oriented Music and Imagery, and/or the Continuum Model of Music and Imagery.  

  • Access deeper emotions and experiences beyond traditional verbal communication.
  • Embrace a variety of creative options based on your unique style, goals, and preferences.

Check out my book, The Music Within You, co-authored with Shelley Katsh

Postpartum Adjustment and Parenting

Becoming a parent is a transformative journey that requires support and understanding. Postpartum adjustment, spanning the early weeks and months with a new baby, impacts women, men, and adoptive and foster parents alike. Whether you’re welcoming your first or third child, the challenges of parenthood are unique to each baby and family situation. 

Drawing on my experience as a psychotherapist, parent, and grandparent, I provide a compassionate space for you during this crucial time, with an intergenerational and gender inclusive perspective.  Postpartum support encompasses a range of challenges, such as:

  • Infertility, Infant Loss, and Miscarriage: Navigating the emotional complexities surrounding fertility challenges and pregnancy loss.
  • Parenting a Special Needs Baby/Child: Tailoring support for families with unique needs, ensuring a nurturing environment for both child and parent.
  • Blended Families with a New Baby: Addressing the dynamics and adjustments required when integrating a new member into blended families.
  • Challenges with Extended Family and Grandparents: Providing guidance on handling extended family dynamics and supporting the important role of grandparents in the parenting journey.


Grandparenting is also parenting! Becoming a grandparent is a unique form of parenting filled with joy while also bringing its own set of challenges, often unanticipated. For first-time grandparents, a new role and place within the family is unfolding, complete with new boundaries, expectations, and requests. Sometimes unexpected inter-generational conflicts arise, and the experience may also bring to light old memories and other unresolved parenting issues.  I am here to provide support and guidance, helping you navigate through this sometimes-misunderstood journey of grandparenting.

  • Gain insight and strategies for coping with intergenerational dynamics
  • Provide guidance to navigate new family boundaries for first-time grandparents

Listen to my recent guest appearance on Dr. Sarah Bren’s podcast Securely Attached, Episode 104: Becoming a Grandparent: Embracing the Complicated Identity Shifts that come when your Baby has a Baby with Carol Merle Fishman

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